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Summer can be a dark and lonely period for eager advertising students. Two months of unbearable nothingness stretching out in front of them like the 800.000 square mile Gobi Desert.

But, salvation is near!
Are you on summer break but remain thirsty?
Sign up for Camp Grey ’17. A 4-week summer program where you get to work on two challenging briefs for real clients.

Why you should sign up? Well, the fearless Camp Grey leaders, in close collaboration with you, will do everything in their power to realize the best ideas. The happy campers that win the most badges will become our new interns for the coming year.

So sign up and let’s make this a Famous and Effective summer!

Camp Grey

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we sincerely hope to see you back for Camp Grey ‘18.

Camp Grey

Grey Amsterdam

We’re a creative company which employs talented people who think different and work with brands in an open way, with one common goal: creating culturally influential work that people talk about.

We believe brands must enter and influence popular culture to be noticed.

We help our clients achieve this by merging creativity and innovation to create Famous and Effective work which, of course, does more than just meet our clients’ business objectives.

We love using our creativity to help our clients to not just market to the world, but behave in the world with authenticity and personality.

Our open culture makes this kind of work possible.
We believe in collaboration and making our clients part of the team.
No hierarchy, no ego.

Because in our eyes, none of us are as smart as all of us.